The Magic of Membership

‘If we want to see real development in the world then our best investment is  women’ Desmond Tutu

You know you have a brilliant message. You know what you share with others is transformational and life changing. You know that you have put your heart and soul into putting together an event which will rock people’s worlds. So how are you going to tell people all about it? How are you going to share your message? We know it can be challenging filling the seats. We know it can be a lonely journey. Let us help!

My Commitment to You…..

  • Promote you through social media, newsletters, the website and word of mouth. I will be the biggest blabber mouth ever about how awesome you are.
  • Provide you with free resources to assist you in your business and in creating amazing events. I pick the brains and wisdom of women in the know so you can also tap into their expertise
  • Welcome you into the community and value you as an integral part of that community. You will connect with the most amazing women (I can’t wait for you to meet them) and develop relationships that will inspire you and delight you.
  • Gift you with the ‘Successful Events’ and ‘Spirited Women’s Business Circle’ programs. Who doesn’t love gifts and these ones will inspire you to even more ideas and depth in your business.
  • Connect you with women who are like-minded and who want to grow and learn new skills, tools, techniques and knowledge. There is a whole world of women out there who want to step up, who are taking responsibility for their own growth and development. Your workshop might be just the thing they need to ignite their passion!
  • Provide you with the opportunity to contribute articles, features in the newsletters, video sharing, blogs, interviews, tips and tools, free products (such as e-books, e-products) to share with our followers and spirited women in the public. We want you to be visible, shining, unforgettable so we are always looking for ways for you to show off.
  • Be here to help. This is my favourite part. How can I be of service to you?

Your Commitment to Spirited Women’s Movement

  • Provide events, workshops, seminars, courses etc that are professional, fun, ‘spirited’, and facilitated with integrity and love.
  • Use Spirited Women’s Movement as part of your marketing and promotional strategy. Use us, use us, use us. That is why we are here. We want to be a big tick on your marketing checklist.
  • Support and encourage other Spirited Women’s Movement members in the spirit of collaboration. Spirited Women know that it is not about competition and that what goes around comes around, so support the circle with your sister members.
  • Make the most of opportunities provided. The more you share with us, the more we can share with the the world. Now is not the time to be a shrinking violet. Be a brazen, broad, brilliantly coloured bouquet.
  • Keep your profile and events up to date and include them in the online directory and calendar. We want people to be able to see you, get to know you, reach out to you and they can’t do that if it is an old email address. Keep everything fresh.
  • Add a gift to the product page, something free and enticing to our followers (This is optional). 
  • Promote Spirited Women’s Movement so that we can all share in the love. The more people know about Spirited Women’s Movement, the more they know about you.

So Spirited Woman. These are our dedications to each other. If this sounds like something you would enjoy and be aligned with simply click here to register. Can’t wait to have you as a part of our community and movement! Just $197 (that’s it, no more to pay – a member for the life of Spirited Women’s Movement)



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