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‘A message to spread, we will give it wings’

To be able to upload as many events as you like and to be able to edit and change them at will you will need to become a Spirited Women’s Movement member. Members of Spirited Women’s Movement come from a place of heart and integrity.  They understand the responsibility of guiding people on new paths of learning and discovery. They create their events from a sense of passion and purpose, with a desire to help develop awareness and consciousness both individually and as a collective.  Generating fun, acceptance, long term growth and a high degree of success is part of their credo.  If this sounds like you then we would love for you to be a part of Spirited Women’s Movement.  To find out more about being a member click here.

Members include both men and women who present in a number of formats including –

  • Workshops
  • Events
  • Teleseminars / webinars
  • Retreats
  • Classes
  • Festivals
  • Seminars
  • Courses
  • Travel
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  1. Ralph Lauren creams with fringe

    Ralph Lauren creams
  2. Beautiful stone setting

    Beautiful stone sett
  3. Painted dwellings in a Gurunsi village of rural Burkina Faso.

    Painted dwellings in
  4. Africa | Masai Men Painted for an Eunoto Ceremony The Eunoto ceremony marks the transition of Masai men from warrior status to maturity.

    Africa | Masai Men P
  5. treehouse. Makes me wonder about its history. Multi generations? Artists' colony? Commune? When it rains, where does the rain go?

    treehouse. Makes me
  6. #seahorse