Sacred Ceremony

 Why Ceremony?

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Our lives are always in a state of flow, we transition from one phase into another. Our whole life experience is about moving and growing, evolving – into new experiences, into new beingness –  as we progress through our Earth journey and beyond. In traditional cultures the importance and magic of this is honoured. They honour the natural cycle of things – the seasons, life and death, moon phases, menarche, puberty, marriage and funerals. In our busy lives we don’t often stop and acknowledge this passage of time and growth. We don’t embrace the ‘fullstops’ the ‘exclamation marks’ or ‘question marks’ that punctuate our lives.

 Ceremony holds consecrated space for this to happen. It invites us to pause and breathe. It creates a bridge between sacredness and the mundane. When we engage and embrace our changes, transitions, growth in ceremony we are celebrating, clearing, setting intention and the Universe knows that we are serious about our evolution. Ceremony gently closes one door and turns the key to open the door to new opportunity and experience. It is a beautiful holding of prayer in motion.

What can we hold ceremony for?

Since ceremony is to honour and delineate transition and change, then it can be invoked for any time this is the case. Ceremony can be created for –

  •     Significant birthdays
  •     Pregnancy (Blessingway)
  •     Divorce
  •     Menarche and menopause (croning)
  •     Starting / Ending a relationship (personal or business)
  •     Launching a new business
  •     Abortion or Miscarriage
  •     Moving house/house blessing
  •     Commitment
  •     Starting or leaving a job
  •     Graduating / Completing study
  •     To celebrate yourself at any time
  •     Hen’s night
  •     Disease/illness/wellness
  •     Animals
  •     Places and Spaces
  •     Baby blessing
  •     The list is only limited by your imagination.

What does it entail?

A ceremony is as unique and dynamic as the person it is ‘holding’. It will be flavoured and coloured by the preferences and intentions of the central person/people. It can be as simple or as complex/ritualistic as you like. The main element is to have a clear intent, an open heart and mind and sense of reverence, gratitude and fun.

Parts of a ceremony include –

  •    Separation / Release the old
  •    Transformation / Invite the new
  •    Incorporation / Integrate

It can include elements of music, dance, feasting, prayer, movement, colour, nature, readings – whatever components that help produce the ambiance, meaning and energy that you require and want.

 Each ceremony is different and has different requirements. There is an initial free consultation to discuss your needs and dreams. There is no obligation to commit to ceremony. However if you do, you have a couple of options.


Create your own with my assistance – $35/hour

Creation and facilitation with me – $150 – $250 depending on travel, length of ceremony, people participating and my involvement.


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