A Ritual In The Art of Eating

m2WYZka8oG1L8RhZQDzqzQgOne of the many key points I picked up from interviewing Annie Clark about the Art of Eating on Sacred and Sassy Radio was that the state you are in when eating is just as important as what you eat. I thought about that and realized how many times dinner is a rushed affair or I am focusing on what I need to do later or how stupid it seems to be to spend so long preparing dinner when it is gone in about 10 minutes. The one thing we do insist on is that we all eat dinner together without tv, ipods, computers etc, one of the few times throughout the day that we are all in the one place. Why not make it as pleasant as possible, why not make it, as Annie said a ‘celebration’ – not in the party hooters, rambunctious, hectic kind of way but in the quiet acknowledgement of being together, having good food, a roof over our heads, we are all healthy kind of way?

So to encourage the harmony around eating I have put together some rituals that you may want to incorporate to embrace the Art of Eating. Continue reading “A Ritual In The Art of Eating” »

The Butterfly Effect

You have probably heard the tale of the man watching the butterfly.  He watches it emarege from the cocoon to a certain point and then it seems to stop as though it is having some trouble. After a while he decides to give it a hand by cutting the cocoon and helping it to emerge.  However the butterflies wings never develop properly and it can’t fly away.. Continue reading “The Butterfly Effect” »

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