Can the Can’t

I watch this video and all sorts of emotions well in me. Joy, love, compassion, unity! There is also regret and just a little guilt. I wonder if I would ever push myself to those extremes purely to give my son or daughter that sense of freedom and achievement. I know in my heart I would. I would do that for them but what about myself. Would I have that much determination, dedication and devotion to something that would bring me that much sense of worth and achievement. Again my quiet voice answers ‘yes’. So the question is why aren’t I? 

Why am I not doing what it is that I think would bring that sense of accomplishment and exhilaration? I have allowed ‘can’t’ to permeate my vocabulary and mindset. I can’t do this because I need the steady income, I can’t do this because what if I am not good at it, I can’t do this because I might fail, I can’t do this because who would want my services…..Can’t, Can’t, Can’t.  Yeh well, I am canning the can’t. In the bin it goes. 

Without ‘can’t’ the possibilities broaden. Without ‘can’t’ I feel lighter and freer. Without ‘can’t’ there is no failure just learning and adjusting. Without ‘can’t’ I am like the father in the video doing the unbelievable guided by sheer determination and love.  I am absolutely positive he doesn’t even know the word can’t and look at what he does. 

I invite you to join me in canning the can’t and lets rid the world of such rubbish. Just imagine………

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