Teleseminar Treats

Spirited Women’s Movement’s Successful Workshop and Events Teleseminar Series.

Interviews with expert panelist about how to market and promote your workshop and events with Heart. Everything from marketing and teleseminars to law of attraction and event management. A link to the interview will be sent out every Wednesday morning beginning Wednesday 28th September.

These interviews will be available to listen to for 48hours. As a Spirited Women’s Movement member they will be available as a valuable resource to refer to 24/7.

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Natalie McIvor From Enlightened Goddess – How To Host A Dynamic Event – Wednesday 28th September

So you have a passion to make a difference and you want to share it with the world. Fantastic! Now what? What format will you follow? Who do you want to attend? How will you market to them? What do you need to do to ensure that each guest leaves your event- inspired-motivated-joyful and satisfied?


Natalie McIvor is the director and creator of the Enlightened Goddesses Business Network, and assists women in business to build their business, increase their income and raise their profiile. Natalie hosts networking events, seminars and workshops and provides a supportive and accepting environment for women in business to thrive!  Natalie understands  the greatest challenge to small business is “how to get more clients” and offers members of this network a promotional service that refers and promotes their businesses to a wider market.


Jenny Hamby of Seminar Marketing Pro – Writing Powerful Event Copy: Copywriting Essentials to Fill Your Seminar Seats – Wednesday 5th October

The words you choose to describe your event are what convince prospects to invest their time and money to participate in your seminars, workshops, teleseminar and webinars. Whether delivered in print, through an audio message or even on video, your marketing message serves as a tireless, around-the-clock sales representative to put more butts in your seats. Join seminar marketing pro and direct response copywriter Jenny Hamby to discover proven tips for crafting powerful copy. You’ll discover:

  • The truth about what your prospects are evaluating when deciding whether to attend your event
  • 10 key elements your marketing copy should contain … and the most common mistakes to avoid
  • What never to do when describing your event content (making this error practically guarantees that you’ll lose sales and – worse yet – get refund requests after the event)
  • 7 ways to boost the perceived value of your seminar


Jenny Hamby is a copywriter and Certified Guerrilla Marketer who specializes in promoting seminars and other information products. She works primarily with speakers, consultants, coaches and experts who want to use information marketing to create new revenue streams and reach a wider audience. Her multi-channel marketing campaigns have netted response rates as high as 84 percent … on budgets as small as $125.

Since 1995, she has marketed a variety of seminars, books, videos and audiotapes on such diverse topics as financial services, inventory management, negotiations, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), trade show marketing, elder and disability law, behavior-based safety, Enterprise Resource Management, and Internet marketing. Familiar names on her roster of past and current clients include top speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Internet marketers Alex Mandossian, Guerrilla Marketing Coach Founder Mitch Meyerson, NLP experts Tim and Kris Hallbom, author and accelerated learning expert Bobbi DePorter, and T. Harv Eker, founder of personal development company Peak Potentials.

Jenny graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a double major in journalism and political science and is a 2001 graduate of the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program, the official training program endorsed by the father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson.  She promoted seminars, books and video training products in the not-for-profit sector before founding Hamby Communications, Inc. in 2000.

Jenny is also the author of “How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops,” a home-study guide that shows professionals how to develop marketing plans and promotional materials to fill seminar seat, as well as the co-author of Stop Speaking for Free! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Webinars.

For more information about Jenny Hamby’s copywriting and marketing services, please visit or call 815-254-4939.


Margaret Gill From Abundant Private Practices – What It Really Takes to Get Irresistibly Attractive Enough to Fill a Workshop or Event – Wednesday 12th October

Margaret Gill will be presenting what you absolutely need to know about getting real and using the power of irresistible attraction to get people to your events.  She will discuss some of the 28 powerful and highly necessary attraction principles you need to be across to help you become more naturally attractive and the three key things you must not ignore if you want to take the risk factor out of events.  So if you want to learn how to put more bums on seats, create less pressure on you and make your event more profitable, successful and enjoyable for everyone, you will love this.


Margaret Gill helps soul driven people with something more within gnawing away at their heart and soul, bring it out and bottle it.  She helps them to join the dots on the commercial reality within their dream AND make heaps of big hearted money doing what they love. Founder of Abundant Private Practices, a training company that teaches health and wellbeing practitioners foundational business basics, Margaret’s natural effervescence, vulnerability and authenticity allows audiences to connect deeply as she encourages them to get real and seek freedom from the grind, while positively changing the lives of others. Bottler of dreams and ideas, Speaker & Business Mentor.



Krishna Everson From Healthy Marketing – Marketing Purposefully – How To Increase The Chance of Filling Your Workshops – Wednesday 19th October

Does promoting your workshop feel like guess work, a game of chance, and a bit hit and miss? In this interview, Krishna Everson of Healthy Marketing will explain the essential elements to ensure your fill your workshop with paying attendees ready to receive.


Krishna Everson is the creator of the Healthy Marketing Blueprint, a holistic approach to creating your marketing plan based on your vision; values that connect with your audience deeply; providing clarity and direction on how best to market your unique business. Krishna helps heart based business owners to  un-complicate their marketing and promote their business with crystal clear clarity and fill their appointment books. She created ‘Healthy Marketing’ in response to seeing people give up what they love because they were unable to make ends meet. She is on a mission to change this.

Krishna lives and works on the Sunshine Coast of Australia with her husband Deane and young family Luke and Lily.


Annie Infinite From Saucy Social Media – Going Fractal – Taking Your Marketing To Infinity and Beyond…. – Wednesday 26th October

Marketing can be as easy as chatting over coffee with friends, and all it takes is passion, authenticity, and fractalization! Using these amazing exponential algorithms to create amazing outcomes for your business is so easy you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. The whole universe is made of fractals and social interaction is where fractals are used to understand patterns of ideas, beliefs, memes and conversations. Starting with all the passion you have for your business and using this to create your foundation fractal your messages can grow and spread far and wide across the universe.


Annie Infinite is a successful digital and social media consultant and trainer whose clientele includes both international and Australian businesses with wide and varying interests from green businesses, jewellery, directories and social sites.

Annie is the author of Go Fractal! a book on using online marketing and social media to market you business and the creator of the Fractal Magic Marketing system which is a system using simple strategic use of social media and online branding and marketing to create ongoing and exponential brand recognition and growth online.

My Mission: To completely change the way marketing is done on and offline – by proving that authenticity, integrity, passion, vision & adding value to others is all you need to take your marketing to infinity and beyond!!




Simone Matthews From Universal Life Tools – How to Harness The Power of You! – Wednesday 2nd November

You have heard it a million times before ‘we create our own reality’….. then why do some of us easily create successful events whilst others have difficulty getting bums on seats ! It all comes down to how effectively you harness the ‘Power of You’.    When you harness the ‘Power of You’ you are tapping into the core essence of your passion, tapping into the field of creation that transcends time and space and tapping into a vortex of unlimited of unlimited potential. Join Simone to find out how to unleash the ‘Power of You’ and hence create successful events from the ground up !


Simone M. Matthews is an international speaker, spiritual teacher and a visionary pioneer of a global shift in consciousness. As founder of Universal Life and creator of The Wave of Love – The Movie, Simone is facilitating a global awakening of people to the infinite power of their Heart & Soul. Author of Crystal Light Healing™ & Essence of Angels® vibrational healing modalities, Simone embraces ancient traditional healing in a contemporary setting and travels the globe facilitating her weekend workshops, and Practitioner & Teacher courses in these healing modalities. In early 2012, Simone is launching her first book on ‘Awakening’ and will be embarking on an event tour around Australia, Canada and the US. Simone resides with her partner, two children and puppy in Noosa, Queensland, Australia.


Sue Murphy From Red Hot Events and Seminars  – Promotion using Teleseminars – Wednesday 9th November

How to use Teleseminars to get your message out to the world, to promote your business, your events and to fill those seats.


Sue Murphy has three children and has spent years juggling family, work and busy lives. She knows the struggle many women go through to keep all those balls in the air. She has been on a journey for over 15 years to create a lifestyle that suited her family, gave her financial independence and allowed her to follow her passions and dreams in business.

It is Sue’s dream to inspire, motivate and teach people that they can also do this for themselves. Through all Sue has learned and the experience she has gained she is an example for women everywhere that they also can have their dreams fulfilled. It has taken some work for Sue but she is an action takers who has learnt to believe in herself.


Zoe Deluca of Social Media Shortcut – Energizing Your Event with Social Media – Wednesday 16th November

There is nothing like social media to ‘get the word’ out there. If you are not harnessing this tool then you are missing out on a powerful means to connect with the very people you would like to attract. How do you do this effectively though? What are do’s and don’ts to successfully utilizing the power of social media. Zoe Deluca will talk about the tips and tricks to generating a buzz for your next event.


Zoe deLuca is a sought-after social media marketing specialist, speaker, trainer, and mentor, boasting over 50 000 Twitter followers, over 60,000 views of her training videos on Youtube, and thousands more friends and ‘likes’ on Facebook and LinkedIn.

A regular contributor and speaker on topics related to social media marketing and building a business online, Zoe’s enthusiasm for teaching and empowering entrepreneurs to embrace new technology in their marketing, shines through in her live presentations.

Today Zoe operates multiple businesses from her laptop while travelling the world offering regular webinars to global audiences of top internet marketers and entrepreneurs, for savvy business owners wanting to learn how to get started on, and ride the social media wave.


Tahnee Woolf From Speak Your Vision – How to Present Your Workshop Fully Connected To Your Heart, To Your Body and To Your Audience … For Maximum Confidence and Impact! – Wednesday 23rd November

Tahnee will inspire you on how to –

  • The power of speaking from the heart
  • How to connect powerfully with your audience
  • How to stay calm, centered and grounded while you speak
  • How to speak on stage with fluidity, grace and ease


Tahnee Woolf is a Body Movement Master and a Public Speaking Mentor to women around the world. She works with women around the world to help free their bodies, unleash their voices, drop into their hearts and become fully self-actualised, empowered beings! Tahnee has a unique history that includes studying international law at Oxford University, being a comedy screenwriter, and being a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Tahnee is also a writer and an international speaker, and runs her own weekly radio show “TahneeTalk!” which is as inspiring as it is hilarious! She is passionate about this topic “How to Present Your Workshop Fully Connected To Your heart, To Your Body and To Your Audience… For Maximum Confidence and Impact!” as she adores helping women banish fears and find their true voice, so they can get out there and share their knowledge with feminine power and passion.




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