Testimonials For Spirited Women’s Network

♥  “I’m always pleasantly surprised when opening up the Spirited Women’s Network newsletter. So I can take it all in, I’m sure to have a cuppa ready so I can relax and enjoy learning about the amazing women in our area.

Natalie Hennessey has a real talent for getting people to ‘open up’ and share their story. I met her when she interviewed me for one of her feature stories I could instantly see why. This woman has a passion!
I believe Natalie’s real skill lies in not only extracting the ‘juicy bits’ from the women she features, but in then being able to communicate it to her readers. Her warmth and compassion shine through the pages of her e-mag and I always receive positive feedback when I recommend SWN to other women.”

Arcadia Love (The M.A.D Project –  www.themadproject.com)

“If you ever doubted that business and spirituality could come together in a practical yet harmonious balance then look no further than Natalie Hennessey and the Spirited Women’s Network. Her passion combined with compassion, her work ethic and drive to bring together like- minded and heart- centred business women and her genuine interest in you personally, are a combination of gifts that, once you become a part of, you will never want to leave”.

Clare Edwards, Principal of Changeworks (www.change-works.com.au)

♥  “Natalie and the Spirited Women’s Network are an invaluable inspiration for Sunshine Coast Women. The Network is a wonderful way for like minded and vital women to connect, inspire and support each other,  both personally and professionally.”

Jenny May Owner Cando Accounts (www.candoaccounts.com)

Spirited Women’s Network is aptly named. Such passion, connectedness and good vibes are not often found in organisations of this kind. You’ll certainly find them here. There is certainly a wonderful sense of helping each other to succeed and it’s a fantastic network to be a part of.  Thank you for making me feel so welcome.”

Terri Cooper (Terri Cooper Networking Events – www.terricooper.com.au)

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