Working With Me

If you feel called to ‘work’ with me, then please book your complimentary session.  A half hour introductory session to map our journey, lay our foundations and sense into whether we are a match for working together.


Option one – This path is an intensive 1 ½ hour session to help create awareness or a shift around an immediate topic or issue. It is for quick insights and strategies to assist you to move through or better understand a concern or question.

 $100 per session


Option 2 –  This path is for people who would like clarity around where they are, where they would like to go and to experience a deeper connection with themselves and life in general. This path is about dissolving blocks, doubts, patterns or emotions that are hindering you from a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

Do you need guidance to reconnect with You, that You who has become lost or pushed aside? Perhaps you need assistance with transitioning through a difficult time, or feel that something specific is blocking you from finding stillness and contentment. It could be that your past or childhood experiences are hindering your life now?  Maybe it is that your vision, feeling or direction is so beautiful and huge that you need assistance to distil it down to its essence.

Entails complimentary session + 5 sessions + a liquid crystal trinity to support your transformation + unlimited email support +  notes of new learnings and home play for each session.

 1 ½  hour sessions /  $ 495 inclusive (payment plan available)


Sacred Ceremony – Created and/or facilitated specifically and uniquely for you.

Hold a beautiful and unique ceremony to acknowledge and honour the different phases or milestones in your life. I can either help you create one and or facilitate it for you. These are personal ceremonies that embrace and express your journey. To find out more go to the Sacred and Sassy Ceremony page.



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