Musings of a Spirited Woman

These short you-tube clips are random thoughts and reflections on life and in particular my journey of living a sacred and sassy one.  They are heart centred and open – an opportunity for you to know and connect with me woman to woman.  I hope that they inspire deeper thought and feeling, whether in agreement or not.  Thank you for taking the time to ‘listen’.  Natalie

Spirited Women Are….

Hug Patrol – look closely you will see me!

Are you listening yet….?

Feed the monkey mind bananas.

Guillotine the Guilt

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  1. i s l a n d boho || Spell Designs look book ✻ ☾ ✧ ॐ | Coconut

    i s l a n d boho ||
  2. Door knocker...l absolutely love this...the colouring is just right

    Door knocker...l abs
  3. Jeans, cream poncho, chocolate, long-sleeved t-shirt, belt and ankle boots.

    Jeans, cream poncho,
  4. Quite simply; masculine beauty at its zenith.

    Quite simply; mascul
  5. Green Scarf.... Black skin. I think she is beautiful

    Green Scarf.... Blac
  6. Ruby Ring - wonderful flowing design

    Ruby Ring - wonderfu