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No 2015 resolution but a 2015 Word….

28866_lI’m a thinker, in fact I over-think and over-process often. I am prone to headaches and lying awake at night. My mind and I have a love hate relationship. It likes to make lists and sort through stuff and I have to engage in my ‘calming’ practices to get it to chill out. I think it is an Aries trait also.  I am also a ‘doer’. I get things done. I am productive and constructive and busy – often. I don’t think busy is such a great thing for me either. So when thinking about 2014 – how it was and 2015 -how I wish to be a, word came to mind. One that could assist me to slow down and above all else enjoy.  It would help me to let go of my mind madness and busy bee energy. My 2015 word ….. Savouring!

Now when you savour a good meal or movie, or book, or wine what do you do? You engage with all your senses, you allow yourself to get lost in the moment, you are fully present, you relish in it. Now you could say that it is the same as mindfulness but look at that word ‘mind-full-ness”. I want my mind out of it and my being into it. In any given moment if I asked myself ‘Am I savouring this experience?’ it instantly brings me back to a feeling place, a sensing place, a connected place and that my friends is how and where I want to be in 2015. 

Even if the moment isn’t particularly palatable – if I am ‘savouring’ I can view it as an exotic taste. One that is unfamiliar or uncomfortable, but if I am open to it, could show me something more or refine my taste. If I don’t let my mind jump into judgement or pre-perception, I may just discover that it isn’t as bad as I thought. 

So many of our actions, routines and everyday activities we do automatically. We don’t even think about them let alone do them consciously. If I was savouring, fully engaging, being as a child… what would I discover? Would it make those activities more enjoyable, more interesting, more engaging? I think so. Where does my joy come from? The simple things. But it is often the simple things I do by rote. So I figure I could savour the crap out of them – taste what it feels like to wash my hair, water the plants, pat my dog. 

And when it is time to think, to be busy, to work then I will savour that too. Not divide my space but be right there, in it. I have a feeling it would allow more freedom and creativity to flow. I know it will take some practice, I have been ‘rushing’ a long time but I will have the image of creamy icecream, mangoes and lychees in my thoughts to help remind me to savour 2015.

Do you have a 2015 word?



Life’s Purpose – Let It Go

1940There is a lot of ‘talk’ around finding your purpose. It is suggested that everyone has a life’s purpose a reason for being here, a special gift or job to do. And although this may be true, seeking and searching for and often not finding or discovering this individualized and unique purpose can be challenging and worse, stressful. There is a certain implication that if we don’t find and live our purpose that we are somehow incomplete, or not fulfilling a destiny. I do believe we have innate gifts and talents, which when we know what they are and begin to share them, can create immense joy and satisfaction in our lives – but striving to find ‘our purpose’ can sometimes hold us back, create barriers, expectations and idealism that do not serve us. What if we just let it go and instead…

We just focus on living a life of purpose or living a purpose-filled life….. Continue reading “Life’s Purpose – Let It Go” »

Re-defining Regrets

10734144_10152474686056099_4059072109362224515_nRegrets – we all have them. We carry them around like little pieces of coal that do a slow burn in our hearts and minds. They are laced with a subtle poison that eats away at our sense of wholeness and dreams for the future, because until we can let them go, if we ever, they anchor us in the past. Having regrets ensure that our personal power will never be at full throttle because they drain our energy like fuel from a leaky line. And they are persistent little buggers, holding on with hook like tendencies, catching us off guard and reminding us of our imperfections.  Forgiving and forgetting can be a challenging process so I am sharing some ways to re-define regrets. We can take the negative energy usually associated with rambunctious regrets and turn it into something that will support you to be free. Continue reading “Re-defining Regrets” »

5 Reasons to Give Yourself Permission to Self-Indulge.

by Natalie Hennessey


This is the first blog post I have written on my new website. This is a bit of a milestone because this is the first time I have put myself out there. You see my role in the previous “Spirited Women’s Movement business” was as admin, creator, supporter and promoter of other women’s businesses. It was a role I was very comfortable in as it meant I could stay in the background and help others to achieve their dreams. A noble undertaking perhaps, but a cowardly one. I had my own dreams, ambitions, gifts and business I wanted to create but it was safer to quietly and meekly do my thing and not make too much of a fuss.

At the beginning of 2014 there was an incident – not a very dynamic or ­­­devastating one, but it was the one that broke the camel’s back and I knew I had to step up and step out or…. step away. With the decision made I needed to put it into action and the one characteristic that I felt I needed to adopt with vigour was self-indulgence. You see I am a giver and unless I started giving to myself, my dreams, ambitions, gifts and business were always going to be relegated to the background.  By practicing in a bit of self-indulgence and especially when I considered the reasons below, I was able to follow my path with acceptance and gratitude. What you see on my website is my core and essence. It is out there now loud and proud and I love it.

So I want to share with you the 5 reasons why self-indulgence is a necessity in life and why you shouldn’t judge the word and action too harshly….. Continue reading “5 Reasons to Give Yourself Permission to Self-Indulge.” »

Kati van der Hoeven – Inspirational Model (Paralyzed from a stroke)

KatiA young and upcoming Finnish model who was left paralyzed after a stroke, shares her life experiences in her blog. Kati is a true inspirational model who shows that through pure determination, faith and perseverance anyone can make the best out of their lives and live it at it´s fullest. There is a new post on every Friday and the blog is free of charge.
Continue reading “Kati van der Hoeven – Inspirational Model (Paralyzed from a stroke)” »
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