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Kati van der Hoeven – Inspirational Model (Paralyzed from a stroke)

KatiA young and upcoming Finnish model who was left paralyzed after a stroke, shares her life experiences in her blog. Kati is a true inspirational model who shows that through pure determination, faith and perseverance anyone can make the best out of their lives and live it at it´s fullest. There is a new post on every Friday and the blog is free of charge.
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How to Move Out of Depression Quickly!

images (5)Written by Tracey Carmichael of The Happy Mind Formula

 A young man came to me a few weeks ago for coaching. He described himself as feeling depressed and constantly irritable. He was living in fear because he had constant “voices in his head” that were causing him to feel paralysed mentally and physically throughout his day. This young man’s state was leading to problems in his relationship and at work; to the point where he felt it would be best if he walked away from both.

 What do think would have happened to this young man if he had presented this problem to his General Practitioner? My guess is he would have been prescribed anti-depressants or he would have been referred to a psychiatrist because of the “voices in his head” and most likely be prescribed anti-psychotic medication. Continue reading “How to Move Out of Depression Quickly!” »

A Ritual In The Art of Eating

m2WYZka8oG1L8RhZQDzqzQgOne of the many key points I picked up from interviewing Annie Clark about the Art of Eating on Sacred and Sassy Radio was that the state you are in when eating is just as important as what you eat. I thought about that and realized how many times dinner is a rushed affair or I am focusing on what I need to do later or how stupid it seems to be to spend so long preparing dinner when it is gone in about 10 minutes. The one thing we do insist on is that we all eat dinner together without tv, ipods, computers etc, one of the few times throughout the day that we are all in the one place. Why not make it as pleasant as possible, why not make it, as Annie said a ‘celebration’ – not in the party hooters, rambunctious, hectic kind of way but in the quiet acknowledgement of being together, having good food, a roof over our heads, we are all healthy kind of way?

So to encourage the harmony around eating I have put together some rituals that you may want to incorporate to embrace the Art of Eating. Continue reading “A Ritual In The Art of Eating” »

Western Culture – best form of contraception

881707-babyThis week we had the first interview in our ‘Body Brilliance’ series on Sacred and Sassy radio. Our guest was Annie O’Moon Browning from My Health Sanctuary talking about natural conception, pre-conception and Epigenetics. While having a pre-discussion about this topic, Annie happened to mention that a 30 something friend of hers is involved in a baby group and out of that group of 15 mothers, she was the only one who had conceived naturally. I don’t know about you but that blows me away. When did falling pregnant get to be so hard! When did we begin to rely so heavily on medical intervention to produce something that we were created as a race to do? Look I know there IVF has been a godsend to many parents who desperately want to have children, and that it really wouldn’t be something you would opt to do if given a choice, but why is it more and more couples are turning to it? Continue reading “Western Culture – best form of contraception” »

We can’t possibly teach that – can we?

boys-meditatingI have been having many conversations recently about Education, both with parents and teachers. I know that teachers are doing the best that they can with what they have but I really have to wonder whether the curriculum being dictated is serving the children it is meant to. I absolutely agree that we need literacy and numeracy but what about other subjects that are going to help children and young adults grow into productive, balanced, compassionate, resilient, motivated and happy adults? What about tools that will assist them to function and thrive in an increasingly difficult adult world. We all know that our childhood has a huge impact on how we relate and function as adults so let us give them the knowledge and tools to choose the life they want to live. Continue reading “We can’t possibly teach that – can we?” »

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